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                                           The kids are arriving fast, call or e-mail for more information!

Best Three 
Dam & Daughters lineup at the 2009 Lane County Fair:
Nettle, Nouvelle, and Nueva


                                                                              2012 Does

Greene Herb Cairo Puduhepa (5/16/03)

                               SS: Walnut Fork XE Khartoum
                   S; Mt Zion WFK Cairo
                               SD: Mt Zion OTD Aerie
                               DS: Mt Zion Reverie Deja Vu
                    D: Maple Farm Deja Phantasia
                               DD: Greene Herb Pond Ping

Puduhepa is a stylish gray two-tone chamoisee 9-year-old, she has a beautifully attached mammary system.  The photo on the left is from 2007, on the right from 2005. She had two lovely daughters in 2010, sired by Sunshine Rosema Remedy, both with kids on the ground as of this update (check out Penny & Perilla, below). Pudi has two brand-new kids, a belted dark chamoise buck and a flashy, belted cou clair doe, priced at $225 each.

Greene Herb Legendary Falafel (4/02/04)

S: Towhee Farm DS Legendary
      D: Greene Herb Cairo Ftatateeta

  Sadly, we lost our old girl last winter.  Falafel was one of the mainstays of our herd for many years.  Photos on right are from 2009 Lane County Fair, left is 2007
Falafel Falafel Side View

Greene Herb DV Nouvelle (4/28/07)
S: Greene Herb DV All Over Again
                               D: Greene Herb Remedy Nettle

She's another one of our colorful does, with lots of dairy character.  Nice mammary system, too.  Photos above ares from 2009 Lane County Fair, those below from 2011.  Kids (sired by DV) due in June, priced at $225.

Nouvelle Side
Nouvelle Rear View

Greene Herb Remedy Pennyroyal
Greene Herb Remedy Perilla (4/03/2010)
                                 S: SG Sunshine Rosema Remedy +*B
                                  D: Greene Herb Cairo Puduhepa

The kids have arrived!   Perilla gave us twin Cou Clair doelings, sired by DV, $225 each.  Pictured below at two weeks, they're sharp, wide in the escutcheon, and long-bodied.  (Pagoda on the left, Pergola on the right) Penny was bred A.I. to Deja Vu, and one of her two bucklings, pictured below, is still available for $250. He's a light chamoise with a lovely flat rump, plenty of width front and back,  and lots of length (photos taken at two weeks of age).  His brother has already been spoken for.




We had a very successful first three years with our crossbreeding program, with big, strong not-too-dairy kids.  Any of our does without pre-ordered Alpine kids will be bred Boer again this year, so contact us early if you're interested.  We hope to have several available, sired by our new full-blood Boer buck, Doogie, for 2013. 


****Tired of the same old cou blancs and boring "generic Alpine" chamoisees? ****

Want to put some color into your Alpine herd? We have goats with spots, belts, and blazes galore-- black goats, sundgaus, cou noirs, pied, oreo cookie, and "cou chamoisee" (brown or gray front half, white rear). One of our wether kids even sported perfect Mousketeer ears on his left side!
(Click here for picture of "Mousketeer" goat)

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